Cancer Testimonials

"I was diagnosed with cervical, uterine cancer with "suspicious" sites on my colon, liver, spleen and pancreas in 1995. Bo-In Lee not only treated my body for cancer, but also treated my emotions, psyche, and spirit. His compassion and healing mastery reduced the tumors to the size of two peas and erased the metastasis. He then recommended surgery and self-healing techniques to finish the job. His approach is all encompassing, utilizing both traditional and nontraditional methods that self-empower his patients.

I now work with the seriously ill and often recommend his clinic to many of the people I counsel. I am very grateful to Bo-In Lee and consider him one of my dearest friends."

Sandy K.,
Fairfield, IA

"Since 1995 I have been dealing with cancer  I had eight operations, 2 chemotherapies, 2 sets of series of radiation.  I stayed at The New Life Health Center for 3 weeks and I feel happier and stronger. I have faith now this cancer will be put in its place. The deep breathing, lectures, therapies and everyone’s gentle healing touch, had a big impact on my improvement. This is the first place I have been that looks at the entire person with sincere interest"

.Nancy Hanson 
Mount Vernon, Maine

Prostate Cancer

"I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in February 1998 and during a preop for a biosy of my lymph-nodes an x-ray showed cancer in my lungs. The verdict was that I would die from lung cancer long before my prostate cancer, consequently, forget any further treatment.

I turned to alternative medicine and what I used did not help me, but fortunately my dentist who was removing all my mercury and silver fillings got me in contact with Bo-In Lee. During the hour of consultation, Bo-In Lee used a piece of equipment much like an EKG machine and looked at the result and told me that he had not seen anything like my graph for at least a year. I was in bad shape. We started treatment: Acupuncture, Moxa Heat Treatment and Chemotherapy - the Oriental way - an Herbal Tea, formulated by Bo-In Lee. Ten days later we used the EKG machine again and my body was on the right track. I have had three x-rays since January and every time an improvement of my lungs had taken place. My oncologist when he saw my x-ray in January thought I would be dead in three months. I have been treated by Bo-In Lee for eight weeks and will continue until the lung cancer is gone forever. I highly recommend the treatments that are being offered by Bo-In Lee."

Korey C.,
Duxbury, MA

"I have been coming two to three times a week for thirteen months. At the instruction of NLHC, I took action to reduce my stress drastically and my PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) fell precipitously.

The two MRIs I have had since beginning treatment have revealed a stable or possibly shrinking meningioma."

Harry Spence

Colon Cancer

"My gratitude and thanks for what you have done for me and taught me would be like offering a drop of water to the ocean but I would to offer it anyway because it is heartfelt.

I leave deeply impressed by your dedication and devotion to your patients. Your family and staff compliment the atmosphere. My total experience here has felt like VIP treatment. Nor do I think such treatment was reserved for me. You really work to protect all your patients and encourage them to learn to heal themselves. Energy comes from your healing techniques,You have begun to free me from past traumas giving me more peace.

I really count my blessings for having been introduced to you and your wonderful family and staff. I hope to see you again soon."

Stu Zisman - Iowa

Breast Cancer

" I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 1991. I had a lumpectomy, then a mastectomy. In January 2004 I was diagnosed with a recurrence although not clearly a “new cancer”, but consistent with the original. I was to have surgery but it was canceled since the MRI showed the tumor to be too close to my subclavian vein to be safely operable. I had been looking for alternatives for two months. Spirit led me to the New Life Center. I have been here for one month, although I originally planned on three weeks. The acupuncture treatments and corrective exercises have had the greatest impact I believe, so did the mediation, and the food. I feel much stronger physically, mentally and much more centered. I truly feel as if I have been given a New Life! "

Carol Jean Fava
Saint Thomas, Virgin Island.

Pancreatic Cancer

" I have pancreatic Cancer. My hopes were to ease the pain that comes with this type of cancer and to keep my organs strong and functioning well. I began chemotherapy the same time I began treatment at The New Life Health Center. The treatments at the center I feel has kept me strong and feeling good. I have been attending The New Life Health Center for 5 months and I feel everything from acupuncture, counseling, heat therapy, moxabustions, the herbal medicine and teas have help me feel good as I am getting Chemo and I am so very thankful for this. Bo-In Lee is wonderful, kind, caring and an expert in his field. The facility is peaceful, private and clean." God bless Bo In Lee…!!!"

Katherine Brandt
North Haven, CT 2005

Prostate Cancer

"I have been going to the Center for two years to deal with Prostate Cancer. Bo-In Lee discovered I have mercury poisoning, which has compromised my immune system and made treatment difficult. I feel fine and the combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine has kept the cancer under control."

Kingsley Duran
Monumnet Beach, MA

Breast Cancer

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1986. My decision to use alternative healing methods left me with no professional support. Shortly after, I had the good fortune to meet Bo-In Lee. At the New Life Health Center I not only found support but a complete system of treatments that balanced my whole body. The education I received at the center helped me create a healthy way of life. I no longer have the lump.Now in 2010 I feel healthier and more energetic than I did at ten years old. I very strongly and enthusiastically recommend Bo-In Lee to anyone."

Nora S,
Lynfield, MA

Ovarian Cancer

"I came hoping to gain back some ground from my severely metastasized ovarian cancer. At the point when I came to the Center I was extremely weak, in need of a wheelchair for outings, and very sick from a year of various chemotherapy treatments, which had no effect on the tumors growing rapidly in my body. Beginning in January of 2000 I had a major de-bulking surgery, removing ovaries, tubes, uterus, omentum and 5 lymph nodes in the abdomen. Immediately following that I was given Cistplatnin and Topotecan for 4 months. By May-June all my tumors had grown back with a vengeance! So I came to the Center hoping for any amount of relief, especially from the pain and discomfort, and also hoping to eventually turn the tables on the cancerous tumors. I arrived at the Center on February 6, 2001 and stayed, as an in-patient, for nearly 3 1/2 months. Since May I have been coming 4 days a week as an outpatient. I have regained a huge amount of energy and no longer need a wheel chair. My blood tests and counts are doing extremely well. I feel like I have my life back. It is amazing. I believe the combination of teas and acupuncture on a constant basis is the main factor in my improvement. And also feel that my shift psychologically and spiritually, in looking at life and death and illness in a new light, has also been a major factor in the road to wellness."

Desiree Kuring-Berke,
North Miami Beach, FL

Lung Cancer

"When I first entered the program in 1986 I was suffering from lung cancer. I felt weakened physically, emotionally and spiritually. Bo-In Lee and his staff gave me a safe, nurturing environment to develop the courage so that for the first time I could deal with my fear and anger (which I believe had created my illness). By applying Bo-In Lee's philosophy and techniques into my life on an everyday basis I learned to change. I finally understand what it means to live in harmony with the universe. It's turned my life around."

Liz M,

Oral Squamous-Cell Carcinoma

"I was diagnosed with oral squamous-cell carcinoma in 1993. Ultimately, I required five surgeries over three years. Although I lost two teeth and portions of tissue around and under my tongue I did have complete function for eating and speaking. A local neurologist recommended Bo-In Lee, to help keep my immune system strong and prevent further problems. A week at The New Life Health Center left me feeling invigorated and energized physically and mentally. I was fascinated by the acupuncture and moxabustion. And really took to the yoga and meditation classes! Bo-In Lee also fixed my wife's "frozen shoulder" (previously she could not lift her arm above her shoulder) and relieved her of life long problems with fatigue, chronic anemia and migraines. I have a degree in chemistry and biology and was a medic. My father was a doctor. Bo-In Lee's methods are unusual and, frankly, I don't understand much of what he does. But I feel there is no doubt his treatments are major factor in my ability to remain cancer free. I think he's a genius. Even more importantly, he is a caring professional who is driven to decipher how health problems can be solved."

Kenneth Case (and Diane Stewart),
Fort Myers, FL

Chronic Pain

Back Pain

"I had chronic back pain that had become so intense that I was not only unable to work, but was also prevented from walking, standing or sitting in a normal manner. As both of my parents were chiropractors this was the treatment that I tried first. When my condition failed to improve I tried the program at the New Life Health Center. I stayed for about a week and the results of the acupuncture, corrective exercises and other treatments were dramatic. My back feels great, my posture is better than it's ever been and I've returned to my very physical job as an iron-worker and have had no problems at all."

Ted L., Medway, MA

"My first consultation with Bo-In Lee took place in Boston in late 1977 or early 1978 as a result of crippling and paralyzing lower back pains. Consultations with medical doctors and chiropractors in Toronto proved unsuccessful. They were unable to find anything wrong physically. Chiropractic techniques would take the pain away momentarily, but by the time I left their office the pain and debilitating paralysis would have returned. Medical doctors were even less effective!

"Finally, orthopedic surgeon specialists recommended exploratory surgery to see what was out of place. Without this, they felt unable to diagnose or offer treatment.

"A friend lovingly twisted my arm to get me to come see Bo-In Lee in Boston for a consultation and possible treatment. Although skeptical, I was fearful of the upcoming surgery which promised little, if anything, in the way of results, and so I visited Bo-In Lee.

"Bo-In Lee met and assessed me briefly. After a physical examination, he had me write out a history of my family life and return to him the next day, at which time he effected the disappearance of the physical paralytic and crippling back pains through effective relaxation techniques."

"Initially, he diagnosed my back pains as a result of being overweight and having weak abdominal muscles which caused a severe strain on the lower back. This was multiplied by severe tension and stress due to my recent marital breakdown, job-related tensions and personal anxieties; more basically, incompletions within me due to improper relationships and communications with my mother and father.

"In addition to relaxation techniques and Mahayana Yoga techniques, he counseled me in the art of communicating with myself through meditation, prayer, inward reflection and outward dialogue with him and others about my feelings toward myself, family members and life and truth." "Although many miles separate me from Bo-In Lee, I do my best to honor and reflect the time he spent with me and our continuing friendship which I value deeply. I do this by living what he has taught and demonstrated to be life principles that work: i.e., belief in and love of God, proper breathing, physical exercise, supportive food and nutrition, daily relaxation and prayer, and coming from and living in a center of love - respecting ourselves and others with whom we come in contact." "Bo-In Lee, in my opinion, is an effective, loving holistic healer of the most advanced degree whom I am proud to know and call my friend."

Thomas R., Lawyer

Knee pain

"In the mid 80's I injured my left knee playing squash and had arthroscopy to "take care of it". For 12 years thereafter I lived with pain - all day, everyday, doing anything - with Western medicine saying "there is nothing more we can do for you".

In 1995 during my first visit to Bo-In Lee to talk about my recent breast cancer diagnosis, he also did acupuncture for my knee. That very day I walked out of the New Life Health Center with NO PAIN for the first time in 12 years!! And I still have no pain today, thanks to Bo-In Lee.

The work Bo-In Lee and I did together on my breast cancer has taught me a whole new way of looking at and living my life. Daily I focus on taking in the good stuff and reducing the toxins in my life - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And I now feel better in every way.

Rheua S., Hingham, MA

Temporal Arthritis/Headache

"In February of 2001 I was diagnosed with hypertension and put on Norvasc. In April I was diagnosed with temporal arthritis and put on large doses of Prednisone. I did not want to stay on the Prednisone for an extended period of time but was told I had no choice because the optic nerve could become involved and cause blindness. In May I had a biopsy of the temporal artery, confirming the diagnosis of hypertension. In August I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and put on Synthroid. I felt all of this was connected. I stayed at the Center for 3 weeks. After three days the discomfort around my eye and the soreness on the side of my head was gone and my blood pressure was normal. At the end of 3 weeks I had no symptoms of temporal arthritis and my Sed. Rate reached a normal 27 (down from 67). I am off Norvasc. I sleep well, can exercise, and can function normally. The key factor in my recovery was I suppose the acupuncture. But staying at the Center and doing Yoga, having massages, eating healthy, cleansing your mind and concentrating on what you need to change in your life is also important. As Bo-In Lee says, "Achieving Balance." I thank God everyday I found out about Bo-In Lee and the New Life Health Center."

Betty Aycock, Stuart, FL

Muscle pain

"By the time I arrived at the New Life Health Center I had exhausted the options of Western medicine (as I soon learned had many other patients at the Center) and had tried various other alternative forms of medicine, including acupuncture and Chinese herbal teas. My muscles, beginning about three years prior to arriving at the Center, would tear much too easily, and then fail to heal properly, if at all. Even a after a biopsy and two EMG tests revealed nerve and muscle damage the Western doctors had nothing to offer, except what had already failed. By the summer of '97 I could barely walk, spent roughly twenty hours a day in bed, and was getting to the point where my abdominal muscles would tear when I used them to move my bowels. A good friend told me about Bo-In Lee and, to be honest, I thought I would go in for a week, have some more theories and remedies thrown at me, be made to feel sort of stupid I had a condition that would not respond to treatment, and return Home, resigned to a life of misery. The first few days I was treated in my bed, Bo-In Lee pressing on different points, asking for a response. Banging strips of tape onto my feet, taping up my legs, then some acupuncture. But the turning point came on Wednesday. I made it down to his office, where a series of readings where taken while I held a metal rod. Then some more taping, banging it onto my feet. Then he told me to stride forward, which I had not done in years. And knew that if I tore my muscles anymore things, physically, would be close to unmanageable. Bo-In Lee said, "You walk forward. You make problem, I fix." And he started making me take forward strides, occasionally helped along by a quick smack! on the back. Since that day I have improved steadily and know I will regain my health completely. I view that day on Wednesday in August to be nothing short of the turning point in my adult life. I had been reading about miracles that various people had experienced using alternative health-care procedures. And had often, quite selfishly, and with some bitterness, said to myself, "Where's my miracle?" My stay at the Center provided it."

Daniel Finneran, Andover, MA

Neck Pain

"Because of severe neck pain I was unable to even look left or right. An X-ray showed nothing abnormal and physical therapy was specified, with emphasis on heat treatment and massage. Three sessions failed to provide even minor relief. I decided to see Bo-In Lee, whom I had met several years earlier while coaching wrestling at Needham High School. Still, it was with much trepidation that the initial examination took place. It was quite different from other exams, with numerous measurements being recorded while holding a metallic disk and -- as was explained to me later -- something called electro-stimulation occurring. Upon completion of this first treatment I stood up and for the first time in weeks could rotate my head virtually pain free. I had two more sessions with Bo-In Lee, discontinued physical therapy, and my neck has been pain-free since. It is with great respect for Bo-In Lee's accomplishments in my case that I recommended him to both my orthopedic surgeon and my primary care physician. I was relieved of my pain and discomfort with minimal time consumed from a normally hectic lifestyle."

Fred Rapkin

Chronic Illness
Digestive Problems

"I was ill with ulcerative colitis, taking medication and feeling quite sickly and desperate. Having completed this program, my digestive system is now functioning well and after seven years of taking medication, I no longer need any drugs. Contrary to what my doctors said would be possible, I was able to get pregnant and now have a beautiful son. I am forever grateful to Bo-In Lee and the Center."

Susan S., Martha's Vineyard, MA

"After 11 years of chronic Asthma...so severe I had often been in and out of hospitals, and unable to work...I came to Bo-In Lee in 1986, unable to lie down without wheezing and coughing. On top of that, I had been bleeding abdominally for five months, and the pain was difficult to bear. Doctors told me I had ulcerative proctitis, a form of colitis. My experience with Bo-In Lee was unlike any of the medical care I had experienced. Three and a half months after coming to the New Life Health Center I was able to lie-down, relax and breathe deeply without difficulty. My large intestine and digestion felt normal. To me, it was a miracle. And, after going Home, my lungs became stronger every day. Bo-In Lee made me feel like we were partners in my recovery, and he has given me the best gift that anyone ever could: the restoration of my faith and my health."

Jill E., Ithaca, New York
"A few years ago I was having severe digestive problems. It was so bad that after every meal I felt very sick, to the point where I could hardly eat at all. I decided to see Bo-In Lee. He examined me and said that the stomach and especially the spleen meridian were out of balance. He recommended acupuncture and herbal teas. Within 2-3 days I felt better and was able to digest my food. Bo-In Lee has also helped my wife and other patients I have sent him. Bo-In Lee is a true master healer and a wonderful person. I thank him and may God bless him."

Dr. John B. Vaughn

Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Leg Pain

"I had developed a pain in my leg that was very debilitating. I would have to lay down sometimes for over an hour before it would subside. I also developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and the gastro-interologists (SP?) were unable to cure it. I decided to stay at The New Life Health Center for a week. My experience of healing was very good. Through moxa, acupuncture and healthy diet my leg pain went away completely. It seemed so amazing to me. My IBS also went away. I felt healed at many levels physically, emotionally and spiritual. The fellowship I enjoyed with others staying at The Center is such a warm memory for me. We all felt Bo-In Lee's protective care individually. Writing and recalling this I am filled with over flowing gratitude toward Bo-In Lee and The New Life Health Center."

Margaret Fitzelle, Woods Hole, Mass. s

Chronic Fatigue

"My energy level dropped so low that every action, including sitting up, resulted in collapse. I was hopeless and helpless and felt like I was at the mercy of my disease. After seeing a neurologist and a psychiatrist and spending a week in the hospital being subjected to a battery of tests, I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus. On the recommendation of a friend I went to see Bo-In Lee. I was somewhat apprehensive, and so I was relieved to find a warm unpretentious person with a refreshingly sensible approach to healing. He concentrated on the physical, mental and spiritual imbalances behind my symptoms. The essence of his message was "correct those imbalances and the illness will heal itself". The impact was almost immediate. It was reassuring to know that I had some control over my recovery and I was quickly convinced that I was in the best possible situation to learn how to exercise that control. I underwent an extensive fasting program and over time I made dramatic improvements, leaping to higher and higher plateaus of recovery. Now my skin color has gone from gray to pink, my head is clearer, my concentration has improved and my energy level has increased to the point where I am not only walking daily, but also doing a little jogging. I feel an excitement about each day, as if a spark within has been rekindled and I have learned a new appreciation of my life and myself. I am especially grateful for having been shown a healing that is spiritual, emotional and physical and one that I will carry with me for a lifetime."

Janet W., Millis, MA
"For years I had experienced chronic fatigue, weight gain, M.C.S., poor lung function, low thyroid, hair loss and depression. Medical doctors would tell me there wasn’t anything  abnormal about my medical test. So I decided to go a different route. 

I stayed at The New Life Health Center for 1 month and have energy and stamina. Before treatments I couldn’t even walk a block without loosing my breath and experiencing pain and now I can walk 3 miles.  All The treatments combined have giving me a new perspective in my life and a sense of hope missing for so many years. I have found pathways to positive thinking that provide spiritual consolation and solutions to everyday problems."

Norina Rowen 
Nahant, MA


"When I came here I had Diabetes. I was obese and depressed. When I left I no longer needed insulin; I was 44 pounds lighter. I walk and exercise every day and I feel great."

Suzanne G., San Angelo, TX


"By the time I saw him I was 33 years old, had struggled with infertility for two years, and had fibroid tumors and endometriosis. I consulted with both medical doctors and "alternative healthcare" professionals. The medical doctors performed several invasive procedures, including surgery, and strongly recommended the usual protocol of hormone therapy with additional surgery. The alternative practitioners put me on special diets and nutritional supplements. I experienced little improvement. And, ultimately, had the feeling I was a guinea pig for their fertility experiments. I worked with Bo-In Lee for about 1-1/2 years and not only did I conceive and have a very easy pregnancy, I was extremely healthy and fit. I even took a karate class in my middle trimester. Today we are blessed with a wonderful grown boy who believes that Bo-In Lee and acupuncture are the greatest thing since chocolate (well almost!). And my husband views Bo-In Lee as a gift in our lives. For anyone who is willing to take on the ride of healing themselves, Bo-In Lee is a demanding teacher, a compassionate man, and a master healer worthy of surrender."

Beth Rontal, Roslindale, MA

Heart Problems

"In April of 1981, at the age of twenty-one, I was discovered to have a heart murmur. After consultations with three cardiologists, and a battery of tests, I was diagnosed as having severe aortic regurgitation. I was advised to undergo surgery within the next two months to replace the faulty aortic valve. I was told that surgery was the only path for me because my condition was irreversible and would only worsen. My heart was already enlarged by 50%. As my condition was a structural abnormality rather than a functional problem, I was told there was no way to repair the actual valve, and no positive course of action was recommended (i.e. exercise, diet) but surgery. If left unchanged, my heart would either stop functioning or the pain would become severe and debilitating."

"I could not let myself be cut open. I would not undergo heart surgery. I realized that I was responsible for myself and that I had to seek guidance outside and the medical profession."

"I met Bo-In Lee in October of 1983. From my first consultation with him my whole life began to change. Bo-In Lee made me powerfully aware that I could heal myself. While doctors had recommended that I not exercise, Bo-In Lee told me I must exercise. I was given corrective exercises, dietary recommendations --a positive plan of action. Most importantly, in this first meeting I was given HOPE -- not a dream of hope -- but an experience deep inside myself of "I CAN, I can heal myself.

"My experience in my first meeting with Bo-In Lee was unlike any other I had before. There was truth about him, a deep understanding that embraced no doubt. From that day I slowly changed my life. I realized that I had to heal my life, as Bo-In Lee told me. "Don't focus on your heart,&quot he said. &quotYou must change everything else so you can live with and accept your condition. Your heart problem is a gift." It took a good six months for me to grow into this realization. But I am convinced it was the most important part of my healing process."

"In January of 1984, I decided to move to Boston to study and work with Bo-In Lee. Now, I experience no chest pain and feel and look healthier than I have ever. I am more physically active now than I have been any time since my diagnosis. My last tests at the hospital show my condition has remained stable, despite doctors original predictions. Through the practice of yoga, corrective exercise, dietary changes, deep breathing and relaxation exercises and, most importantly, the change in my mental attitude, I have used Bo-In Lees holistic guidance to heal myself."

"I still have a lot of growth ahead of me, but my attitude and my experience of life is different since meeting Bo-In Lee. I have touched a true appreciation, a gratitude for life, that is a qualitatively different experience for me in living than I felt in my previous twenty-four years. For this, for life, I am deeply thankful to Bo-In Lee and only hope that I can help other people positively change their lives and heal themselves.&quot

Peter N., San Francisco, CA


"In 1976, I first saw Bo-In Lee for stomach problems and back pains. He recommended corrective exercises and diet change. I did the exercises religiously for a year and it helped quite a lot."

"I had always had difficulty with my menstruation, and in 1977 I was diagnosed by doctors as having endometriosis. The pain was so bad that the doctors wanted to give me morphine. Their recommendation was a hysterectomy (at age twenty seven ). I felt this would have been cutting out my womanhood. Being a nurse I understood my condition from a Western medical perspective. I didn't want the hysterectomy, so I came back to Bo-In Lee as he had been able to help me with previous problems. I had six sessions of treatment and counseling with him involving acupuncture, corrective exercises, but most importantly, watching my past, and deep relaxation. Through these I realized when I was young I thought I was a boy (I was the oldest with three younger brothers). All this time I subconsciously thought I was a boy, and this made me angry. The result of this anger was a lot of tension and pain whenever I menstruated. Gradually the pain ceased."

"Before my counseling with Bo-In Lee, I would be a mental and physical wreck for the week before my period. I would experience vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, dizziness and I couldn't stand up straight or work. Now occasionally the pain will come back, but I can control it myself with acupressure and deep relaxation so that my life can continue without disruption. I had been in therapy before and had gone through a lot of psychological therapy to be a nurse, but I didn't understand myself. With the help of Bo-In Lee I not only understood the connection between my past and present, but I actually experienced it and came to terms with it in the context of my whole life."

Susan L., Psychiatric Nurse


"I came to the New Life Health Center in August with Candidaand completed the resident healing program which included a 7-day fast and moxibustion treatments. In September I took a lab test which showed that I no longer have candida. Bo-In Lee is a healer in the truest sense."

L..B., Ottawa, Canada

"The New Life Health Center is truly a place of healing. I came to heal myself of candida, fatigue, chemical and food allergies and other symptoms. I learned so much from Bo-In Lee's lectures. The peace and harmony gained from the yoga and meditation are invaluable for healing and thanks to Bo-In Lee's treatments and guidance, I am getting better."

Sonja G., Westport, CT


"In 1987 I came to see Bo-In Lee to receive acupuncture for a back injury, and the results were so positive that when he said that he could help me with my asthma, I decided to try the resident program. After my three- week stay that included a fast, I stopped using my inhaler, that I had previously needed two or three times a day, as well as the drugs that I had needed for years. I haven't had a problem with asthma since then."

David O., Personal Trainer

"I was one of those children that doctors shook their heads at, a chronic asthmatic. After receiving skin tests and allergy shots for fifteen years and taking all the &quotlatest drugs&quot on the market, I accepted my condition, believing there was nothing to be done about it.When my winter colds started turning into bronchitis every year, I tried herbal teas, yoga and massage, but I never incorporated anything into an overall plan."

"I learned about Bo-In Lee from a friend who told me how she learned self-healing from him and that I could do something about my own debilitating asthma. Although I came to The New Life Health Center with a naive and doubtful attitude, what I learned was a comprehensive approach toward my body and my life. After my first appointment for corrective exercises, I was so impressed that I began to take things seriously and practiced the exercises for a whole year at Home. The following summer I returned to enter the resident program with my young daughter. I received acupuncture, cupping, electrical stimulation, yoga, and fasting. I knew I was learning something big!"

"Bo-In Lee instructed me to fill my diary with all my thoughts and everything in my life causing me stress. I did so and it felt great. Then he told me, "Let it go, rip it up. You don't need it anymore. You are holding onto these negative things like you hold onto your asthma. You can let it go." I followed his advice and only then did I truly begin healing with my heart and mind. I saw that I was responsible for my own health. Now two years later, I continue to come for adjustments and follow his advice and program of deep breathing, diet, exercise, and right attitude. Although the asthma still afflicts me in harvest season, I haven't seen the inside of a hospital since 1992. I feel better now and have more stamina at age thirty-nine than I have had in my whole life and it shows in the dance classes I take. I am grateful to Bo-In Lee for showing me how to take care of myself."

Ellen G., Morelia Michoacan, Mexico


"Even though I was an herbalist and practiced natural ways and certainly tried everything to heal myself, I failed completely. I was dying from Sarcoidosis; an auto-immune disease that was throwing off tissue in my lungs as though my body was trying to encase an enemy that was not there. In the process my lungs filled completely with my own body tissue and I was suffocating from lack of oxygen. Medical doctors told me they did not know the cause and there was no cure. Most people who have it actually get better, except for a small 5% for whom the disease is terminal. I was one of those people. When I came to Bo-In Lee's clinic I was given a month to live. My Natural Health magazine arrived and I read an article on a Korean man -- Bo-In Lee -- and his clinic in Boston, where he lived with his family. My husband I met Bo-In Lee. &quotI cannot promise anything," he said."But I will work with you. You and me together we can do something. Please come and stay for three weeks." My husband and I had not spent a night apart for twenty years. And I was Home-schooling my teenage son. What could I do? &quotNo problem. You can have big room. You will be good support for her,&quot he said, pointing to my husband and son. I thought I was coming for three weeks, but stayed three months. The support and care and sweet love of all those staying at the clinic those months was so incredibly healing to the loneliness and isolation that we live in these days. And, again, Bo-In Lee lives at the Center. He saw us all through the day and nothing escaped his eye. I had a T & B cell-panel blood test and it clearly showed that my immune system was haywire. After one month at the Center and drinking Bo-In Lee's teas new test results showed much improvement. After three months my immune system was out of danger. Three months after that another X-ray showed my lungs had cleared completely. As quickly as the growths had developed, in less than half that time, they had disappeared under Bo-In Lee's healing and teaching. As Bo-In Lee likes to say in his melodious Korean accent: "You and me together, we had good cooperation. We did a good job actually. No, really, you too, you did a good job. Thank you, God." I, also, would like to say thank you, my dear God, and thank you Bo-In Lee."

Martha Volchok, Oakhurst, MA

Auto-immune Hepatitis

"I was diagnosed with auto-immune hepatitis in January of 2001. With the disease came extreme fatigue, nausea, anorexia, headache, jaundice, and elevated transamines and bilirubin. I was experiencing liver failure and my doctors seriously considered a liver transplant. A friend of my mother's recommended The New Life Health Center. I spent three weeks as a resident and have been receiving treatment as an outpatient for the past four weeks. In seven weeks I have tapered from 20 mg. To 5 mg. of Prednisone (which, previously, was causing me cataracts) and my blood levels have returned to virtually normal range. And this is remarkable because my blood levels were steadily increasing when I was on higher doses of Prednisone and are decreasing on a lower dosage. The only thing I can account for my remarkable improvement is the treatment I am receiving from Bo-In Lee and the lifestyle changes I have made. I recommend the Center to anyone who wants to learn how to live a healthier, happier, and well-balanced life."

Laura I. Demko


"I was experiencing dizziness -- which came on with little notice. In fact I was flying back from a trip and it was so severe I had to be taken off the plane in a wheel chair. I went to two "excellent" Western-medicine doctors and even after many tests neither could give me an answer. I went to Bo-In Lee and within 10 Minutes he had the answer -- lack of blood going to the left side of my brain!! I have a curled little finger. Two days ago I was having acupuncture when Bo-In Lee noticed the finger. And during that session he made whatever adjustments and believe me before I got off the table my little finger was straight!! I will speak to anyone, at anytime about Bo-In Lee. He is a truly magnificent healer in addition to being a very loving human being. What one needs to realize is that if you go to Bo-In Lee soon enough, you do not need to face major surgery."

"A chronic skin ailment diagnosed as "rosacia" by my doctor had me living with discomfort for about five years. The condition was "off and on" and consisted of a red, hot burning sensation on my face. I arrived at Bo-In Lee's with a focus on my skin and immediately he focused on my posture imbalances and all the internal problems this was causing. He also explained I had a life long battle with respiratory allergies, that the skin is part of the lungs, and that my skin problem could be connected with my breathing problems. Bo-In Lee used a pumping cup to help with the diagnosis and discovered my blood needed cleansing. He also walked me through a detailed series of corrective exercises designed to pull my shoulder back and pull a dropped-hip back into place. He also outlined a diet eliminating sugar and including more alkaline foods. It's been fourteen years since my initial treatment and I no longer have any symptoms of &quotrosacia".

Sarah Harrington. Salem, MA

Doctor Testimonials

"Bo-In Lee cares for his patients using Oriental medicine and natural healing techniques including acupuncture, moxabustion, herbal tea, natural foods, and most importantly, in my opinion, meditation. But the true strength of The New Life Health Center is its holistic approach to healing. I have yet to see another health care center with such an open mind to Western and Oriental medicine. Bo-In Lee's scientific approach in combining Western and Oriental medicine provides a fresh outlook towards healing and I believe that he has a lot to offer to American health. I highly recommend Bo-In Lee to anybody who seeks good health."

Nam Sun Paik, MD, Ph.D.,
President, Kon Kuk University Medical School
Seaul Korea

Dear Professor Bo-In Lee:

Our visit to The New Life Health Center left a very deep impression upon us. Your unique way of treating and guiding patients impressed us even deeply.

We are very happy that we formally established a medical exchange program between Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and your Center by the way of signing mutually the International Medical Exchange Agreement. We are fully confident that through our joint effort and sincere cooperation we can contribute together to the realization of the goal of easing human suffering, improving quality of life and giving birth to a new medicine.

We would like to give many special thanks to you and all your family members for the cordial welcome and warm reception to and special consideration for us. We really felt we were at Home during our stay in Boston. We are looking forward to having a chance to warmly receiving all of you in Nanjing in the near future.

Best wishes to you!
Xiang Ping, O. M. D.
President, Medical School
Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

"Bo-In Lee is an internationally recognized leader in the field of integrative medicine. He and his clinic have proven to be a powerful resource in the care of many of my severely ill patients."

David Perlmutter, M.D., Naples, FL

"Bo-In Lee is compassionate and insightful, skillful and caring. He is truly a great healer. In my experience I have seen very few people who have reached his level of skill. His willingness to combine Eastern and Western approaches makes him virtually unique."

Leslie J. Blackhall, M.D., Los Angeles, CA